Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More health problems...

I know I am the queen of empty promises on this here blog, and I really plan on having those before/after kitchen pics up soon. Unfortunately this hasn't been a great health (right after I buy a house... I've always had great timing) or personal year for me.

So here's the good and the bad news. The bad news is I had lung cancer. The good news is that it was caught very very early, the malignancy was self contained in the tumor, which means it was all removed by surgery. The possibly bad additional news is that I have "innumeral" other nodules which are what these things start as. As of right now, only one was malignant and the rest are all too small to do anything about. They will be monitored and dealt with as needed. As for now I have a little oxygen thing I get to use, I guess it's a given after having a lung surgery, and will be doing some physical therapy to get me back in working order.

I've been out from work for over 3 months because of this. My disability leave is in danger of not being approved and as you can imagine I have been under a lot of stress!! I could even lose the house over this. So know that I am not promising these things and just being a lazy ass (that's only part of the problem), and I really am trying to keep things updated here. Thanks for reading!