Thursday, February 28, 2008

My first disaster

The first room I decided to tackle in the house was the bathroom. There is lots of wallpaper to be removed. Things were going fine as far as the walls were concerned. It was tedious work, but it was going. Then I got to the ceiling. In the shower. Yes, it was wallpapered. I noticed that a corner was unstuck already so I grabbed it and started to pull. A few pieces of plaster plunked down and I hope it was just damaged in that corner. I continued to pull and realized about half the ceiling was coming down with it. I thought about stopping but what would I do with a half on half off piece of ugly wallpaper in my shower? What was done was done and I had to keep going. Here are some pictures of the aftermath. I've put in a post on my go-to DIY messageboard to see about what I should be doing with this, and whether or not I can in fact DIM or if it's time to call in the professionals.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Closing Day!!

Well, this is it!! I just purchased my first home. As I started to ponder all the work that was going to go into this I decided that I just might have finally found something to blog about!!

When I moved back to Minneapolis from Los Angeles last year, one of my main motivations was that I wanted to own a house. I am so excited that this dream is coming true!! I decided to pair this topic with the topic of me being a single girl simply because so many people are shocked that a single girl is buying her own home, and one that needs a little work done. I thought maybe there might be others out there who are like me and who would be interested. If not, at least I'll have this record for myself. :)

My new house is a little one story, one bedroom, one bath single family home with a full basement and stucco exterior, in the Midtown area of the city of Minneapolis. It needs some redecorating, and a few repairs here and there. So off we go!!