Monday, June 15, 2009

Cherries cherries cherries

The theme of my kitchen is cherries. Here are close ups of some of my cherry items. You can click on them for a larger picture. These are all pictures from the last month or two. I am too lazy to reset the camera after I charge the battery.

Cherry potholders:

A cherry container:

Cherry hand towels:

I have some other ones, as well as a 50's style apron in the same cherry print as the potholder underneath the other in that picture up there.

Once in a while I get crafty... I embroidered this. Yay!

My mom made me these cool cherry curtains. And I have a little cherry thing that hangs on the window.

My mom also made me a toaster cozy. My toaster is pretty cool though, so it's a toss up whether I should keep it covered or not.

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